AVG Driver Updater

1 Year R 339.00 (Excl VAT)

2 Years R 609.00 (Excl VAT)

AVG Driver Updater

Easily fix & update your device drivers

*Geforce tested the impact on gaming by updating to their latest graphics drivers: Read their full article

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Money-Back Guaranteed

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World-class protection

In the last two years alone we have won over 25 awards. With top marks for “real world” protection and performance, you know you’re in safe hands.

Automatic Checks

Automatically checks 127,000+ drivers to help give you:

Fewer device problems 
Richer Audio
Better Graphics 
Faster Browsing
Less Crashing

Reduces freezing and crashing

Reduces freezing and crashing

Don’t let a computer crash ruin your day. We scan all your drivers and recommend the right ones to reduce:

  • Computer freezes
  • Crashes & bugs
  • Problems with printers & connected devices
  • Jittery mouse movements

Speeds up gaming and smooths video playback

Speeds up gaming and smooths video playback

Take gaming & video streaming to the next level

  • We check for the latest graphics drivers in real-time to
    give you smoother gaming, streaming or media editing.
    For example, some games have shown an increase in
    frame rate by up to 100% just by upgrading Nvidia
    graphics drivers*.

Speeds up browsing and downloading

Speeds up browsing & downloading

Make sure your computer can keep up with you

  • We update corrupt or old network drivers to solve problems with browsing, streaming and downloading.
  • Helps fix a dropping WiFi connection
  • Helps solve slow connection problems
  • Speeds up browsing, streaming & downloading
  • Adds new features for improved performance

Enjoy richer, crackle-free audio

Enjoy richer, crackle-free audio

Easily fix sound issues

  • We regularly update your sound drivers and your
    programs to improve audio quality, whether you’re
    listening to music or talking on Skype®.


Free technical support

Whenever you need help, day or night, we’re there.

Our expert support team is always just a free call away day or night, free of charge, 365 days a year.

FREE Technical Support Options:

Easy-to-action advice and alerts

Detects performance problems or opportunities which you can action via the super-easy interface.

  • AVG Advisor: Responds to performance issues with recommendations on how to speed your browsing. Alerts you to apps that take a lot of bandwidth and memory giving you the option of shutting them down.
  • Easy Interface: Our new improved interface is designed to make AVG 2014 the easiest possible protection – all part of our promise to give you great products that ask less of you. Fully compatible with Windows® 8.
  • AVG Auto-Fix: Detects and alerts you to any security risk, providing a simple one-click Auto-Fix button that automatically fixes the problem and resets the system to the best protection mode.
  • AVG Auto-Updates: As we constantly innovate and evolve our protection technology, we’ll make sure you’re automatically updated to maintain top level defense levels.

Automatically scans

Auto-scans your whole computer for outdated, missing or corrupt drivers


Checks 127,000+ drivers

Checks more than 127,000 hardware drivers and software updates


Always up-to-date

Our dynamic online driver database scans in real time, so you get the latest drivers every time


Chooses official drivers

Checks for the official drivers from 100+ major brands


Chooses the best drivers for you

Creates a unique profile of your PC to make sure you get the correct drivers


Backs up your drivers

Takes snapshots of your PC’s drivers and helps you restore unwanted changes


Reduces hardware problems

Installs drivers one by one to reduce any hardware problems


Computer Hardware

[table terminator=”|”] Minimum system requirements, |
Processor,Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz or faster|
Memory,512 MB of RAM|
Free hard disk space (for installation),1500 MB|
Screen resolution:, 1024 × 768 pixels |
Browser:, Internet Explorer® 6|
Android:, 2.2+|
Mac Os X:, 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer|
Recommended system requirements, |
Processor,Intel Pentium 1.8 GHz or faster|
Memory,1024 MB of RAM|
Free hard disk space (for installation),1850MB|[/table]

Operating Systems

AVG Protection is compatible with:[table terminator=”|”] Operating System, AVG Protection|
MS Windows XP,|
MS Windows XP Pro x64 Edition,|
MS Windows Vista,|
MS Windows Vista x64 Edition,|
MS Windows 7,|
MS Windows 7 x64 Edition,|
MS Windows 8 x32 Edition,|
MS Windows 8 x64 Edition,|
MS Windows 10 x32 Edition,|
MS Windows 10 x64 Edition,|

[/table] Windows® and Vista® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Chrome® is a registered trademark of Google. Inc registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Firefox is a registered trademark of the Mozilla.