Remote Support

With your permission we can remote onto your PC and work on it while you watch.

Remote support with TeamViewer

Teamviewer 11 (Full Version) (Teamviewer_Setup.exe)
11 MB
Download button
Teamviewer Host 11 (for unattended access)
7.9 MB
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Teamviewer Quick Support (for Mac OS X) (TeamViewerQS.dmg)
13.4 MB
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  1. Download and install TeamViewer if you haven’t already got it installed.
  2. Run TeamViewer and provide the support person with the  “Your ID” and “Password” as shown:

Teamviewer Screenshot

Alternative to TeamViewer:

Sometimes the AVG Quick Support (by TeamViewer) doesn’t work in this case, we use “Show my PC”: Click here to download Show My PC

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