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What is AVG Internet Security 2015

AVG Internet Security 2015 and AVG Internet Security 2013 Business Edition provide robust online protection for both home and business use. The products themselves benefit from a dedicated team of Internet security specialists and a worldwide user community, who help AVG to constantly advance its feature sets and product strength.

Engineered to work at a level appropriate to differing users’ needs, each of these products are suited for both home and office use. Their core role is to render viruses, spam, spyware and Trojans helpless while making identity theft, web exploits, drive-by phishing and rootkits a distant memory.

AVG Internet Security 2015 protects users while they are surfing the web and communicating on Instant Messenger (IM) services, while simultaneously providing security to Local Area Networks (if they exist) against hazardous system attacks.

With multi-layered (but tightly integrated) technologies, AVG users will have greater peace of mind when it comes to identity theft, viruses, or risks associated with visiting harmful websites. The technology proposition here is the opportunity to shop, bank and transact with confidence, block spammers and scammers, download/share files and chat safely. Users can also enjoy peace of mind when networking on Social Networks.

AVG 2015 Internet Security is built with some completely new features since our 2011 product release. New in 2015 is AVG Accelerator, which helps speed up Internet experiences by accelerating downloads and Flash videos. Also new is AVG Advisor which provides assistance and recommendations in case of detected memory problems caused by browser sessions where tabs have been open for a long time.

AVG 2015 uses the power of the company’s massive global user community to make the Internet safer for users everywhere. AVG’s ”People-Powered Protection” approach is foundational to AVG’s security software offering; by harnessing the power of the online community, AVG increases its ability to predict, identify and thwart attacks before they become widespread. Because of this, the software can isolate and address malicious activity more rapidly than ever before.

AVG Detection Methods

The key to AVG’s efficiency in detecting infected files and exploits is the technology’s multiple layers of protection. Files are pre-processed – and those deemed unnecessary for virus analysis are excluded to enable faster scanning.

Signature-based detection

This attempts to match files to known virus signatures – a sequence of bytes known to be characteristic of a specific virus. Detailed analysis is then performed to identify the exact infection.

Polymorphic-based detection

A common method for detecting known viruses, this is used to determine new variants of recognized viruses, even if the new variant behaves differently. This method is particularly effective in the detection of macro viruses and script viruses.

Heuristic-based analysis

The third layer for detecting viruses is heuristic analysis, which looks at the way software behaves in order to identify whether or not it is malicious. This allows it to detect a virus, which is not included in the internal virus database.

Behavior-based analysis

This is the fourth layer for detecting viruses. This patent-pending technology looks at how software behaves to determine hostile file behavior and preventing their execution.

New Features

AVG Internet Security 2015 is the only security product that includes AVG Accelerator – this product component is designed to enhance, rather than compromise (by slowing a PC down), the content that users will typically spend time using online.

AVG Advisor

  • AVG Advisor is a new proactive service that monitors the computer and advises the user with solutions for various problems the computer has. Research indicates that users often have browsers open for many hours (as many as 15-24 hours at a time) without knowing that these applications are constantly consuming the available memory of the PC.
  • Over time, available memory is reduced to a low level and this causes a computer to slow down.
  • Advises “Overuse of memory” by Internet browsers
    (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer only.)
  • Prompts “overuse of memory” by Internet browsers
    (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer only.)
  • Can be manually turned off.
  • Managed via a link from the pro-active pop-up, which opens advanced settings in tray notification.

AVG Accelerator

  • AVG Accelerator maximizes computer connectivity to deliver content faster.
  • Less time is spent waiting for videos and other content-rich files to download.
  • Supports Flash Videos and some other content-rich files – (additional target file types will be added in subsequent releases).
  • On by default, setting can be managed in advanced settings.

AVG Turbo Scan

Scans are faster than ever with Internet Security 2015. We have introduced a new feature, AVG Turbo Scan, which dramatically shortens security-scanning times thanks to a smarter scanning sequence that follows the order in which files are saved to the hard drive.

File Reputation

The new AVG client will check with our cloud service and report prevalence of certain files on user’s computers. We’ll then use this information to improve product’s detection capabilities (heuristics, behavioural detection etc). Customers need to opt into our product improvement program in order for us to access their data.

Boot Accelerator

Prioritizes boot sequence in order to achieve faster startup.

Enhanced Features

  • Footprint & performance is improved throughout.
  • Fewer processes, less memory usage, faster boot time, the AVG 2015 technology proposition is focused on actually speeding up your PC as it protects.
  • Web security is improved
  • Enhances the detection of evasive web threats.
  • User Interface (UI) reorganized for a more intuitive look and feel.
  • Several UI components have been grouped together to reduce number of components in overview.
  • There is also the addition of default settings for advanced the “Identity Protection settings” dialogue.
  • AVG has fixed notification about logged in users in the restart request dialogue and the “Ignore the state of this component” option is now only available from advanced settings.
  • Anti-Rootkit performance is now better so that detection of malware hidden deep in the OS can be found — as well as added support for anti-rootkit exceptions.

Other New Features

  • Added reset button for Anti-Spam statistics.
  • Extended statistics of SharePoint document scanner component.
  • Extended statistics of VSAPI and antivirus transport agents components.
  • Added the option to switch off scan of outbound emails in VSAPI plug-in.

Keeping Updated

It is vital to keep your antivirus software up to date. AVG 2015  makes it easier than ever to keep up-to-date and protected against the latest threats via manual and automated processes.

Update files are available even when a large number of requests to download updates are sent to AVG’s servers. That’s because AVG distributes update files using a robust worldwide server network service.

Main features include:

  • Small update files (the size is typically only tens of KB)
  • Rare requirements to restart computers after updates
  • Updates once per day
  • Possibility to schedule or manually perform an update
  • Proxy server authentication support
  • AVG update emails allow registered users to receive the latest update information
  • Update files are available even during periods of high download demand

Other Products from AVG in 2015

AVG PC Tuneup

In addition to our core range of products, AVG PC TuneUp is now available to help users of all levels of expertise get the most out of their PC. All users can run a one-time-fix scan free of charge.

Providing users with over 16 tools, it enables users to:

  • Increase a PC’s speed, performance and stability
  • Free up space on a hard drive
  • Speed up an Internet connection
  • Recover accidentally deleted files
  • Shred files and wipe disks – permanently
  • Remove traces of a user’s activity from a PC

AVG Family Safety

Mobile Protection from AVG Mobilation™

AVG LiveKive™

  • Schedule automatic backups of your personal and professional data for peace of mind. You can also restore important files, folders, etc that were accidentally deleted.
  • Rest easy knowing your valuables are kept safe in our secure data centers which are protected with industry-leading encryption.
  • Merge data from all your folders and web-enabled devices into one safe location for instant, hassle-free access.
  • Access your files anytime, from anywhere with AVG LiveKive™


  • Stay on top of email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts in one simple and safe application.
  • MultiMi’s intuitive interface makes it easy to receive and resend files, including photos, music, and videos.
  • Having all contacts and calendars in one place makes it easy to keep track of everything going on in your life.
  • By incorporating AVG LinkScanner®, MultiMi automatically assesses links exchanged through social media in real time.