Patch Management

Simplify and automate the patching process to save time and money. Get patching support for Windows and hundreds of popular third-party applications.

Is your current defense strategy leaving you exposed?

One of the most common intrusion methods for hackers is exploiting unpatched software vulnerabilities.

Myth 1:

Software patches can be ignored. My antivirus is enough to protect my business from cyber attacks.

Myth 2:

We only need to worry about Microsoft-related patches.

Myth 3:

If our network gets compromised, we can fix the problem later.

Myth 4:

The majority of cyberattacks are not preventable.

Myth 5:

Patches break things and don’t work as promised.


57% of data breaches are attributed to poor patch management.


86% of reported vulnerabilities are found in third-party applications.


It takes hackers 30 days to exploit a vulnerability, but it can take your company up to 186 days to fix it and up to $500,000 dollars to recover from just one single cybersecurity breach.


As many as 85% of targeted attacks are preventable. The top 10 known vulnerabilities account for 85% of successful exploits.


Our patch content engineers spend countless hours thoroughly testing all patches before we release them to you, in order to ensure they function optimally and don’t introduce new problems.

Why Avast Business Patch Management?

Proven, industry-leading patch management that keeps all your Windows systems and third-party apps up-to-date with the latest patches.

Save time with automation

Distribute thoroughly tested patches to thousands of machines in minutes, with minimal impact on your network.

Third-party application patching

Patching support for Microsoft Windows and hundreds of popular vendors like iTunes®, Oracle® Java, Adobe® Flash® and Reader, and more.

Remote patching

Patch all devices — whether they’re behind the firewall, on the road, at remote sites, or even asleep.

Centralize management

Manage all Microsoft Windows and hundreds of third-party software updates from one online management platform.

Mitigate and close vulnerabilities

Achieve compliance, mitigate exploits, close vulnerabilities, and remotely deploy software and Windows updates.

Easy-to-use platform for ultimate control

Our online management platform gives businesses and IT admins total control over the entire patching process, including patch discovery, distribution of software updates, and reporting.

Avast Business Patch Management

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