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AVG BreachGuard

Take control of your online privacy by protecting your personal info against data breaches and keeping it from falling into the wrong hands.

AVG BreachGuard

1 Year R 313.65 (Excl VAT)

Also available for Mac

BreachGuard offers three layers of privacy protection

24/7 privacy risk monitoring

Monitor the web non-stop for your leaked personal info.

Online personal info removal

Stop your info from being collected and exploited by third parties.

Privacy-boosting tips

Get advice on how to make the information on your online accounts more private.

Data breaches happen.

Protect your info with 24/7 privacy risk monitoring

When a website you use gets hacked...

… and hackers post your personal info online...

… we spot the hack and tell you how to stay safe.

Protect your personal info with BreachGuard

Avoid advertisers with our browser extension

Opt out from companies who try to collect and use your personal info as you browse the web.

Managing your privacy is hard.

BreachGuard makes it easy

Quickly assess how private your online accounts are and get advice on how to improve it.

Get control of your online account’s privacy

BreachGuard shows your privacy at a glance

Our easy-to-use dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of your online privacy status. See how protected you are and what you can do to further reduce any vulnerabilities.


AVG BreachGuard

Start protecting your personal information now.

AVG BreachGuard

1 Year R 313.65 (Excl VAT)

Also available for Mac

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